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Project Description

Warrens XB Coupe arrived to us after being soda blasting and due to all the surface rust not removed from soda blasting the body was put on a rotisserie and we media blasted the complete body and panels again then applied a 2 Pac epoxy etch to seal off the bare metal and give it a good base for filler and primers.

In 2010 we commenced the huge task of cutting out and replating all the rust, working our way forward we started inside the boot repairing the inner pans then the beaver panel was unpicked repaired and refitted, moving onto the rear wheel arches they had been cut and hammer over due to it previous racing life so we removed the inner wells and cut out the complete outer arch using the arches off a pair of donor front fenders we rebuilt the wheel arches and repaired the inners before welding everything back into place.

Next we unpick the parcel shelf and fabricated a half section for it, while the parcel shelf was out we cut out & replate the lower window edge refitted the parcel shelf then moved on the boot opening where we fabricate a new boot seal channels and cut out and replate majority of the channel.
Then came the huge task the front plenum and A pillars, the vent panel was unpicked and revealed the inner chamber was rusted away so tackling each side at a time we dissected each A pillar fabricating the necessary repair section and then rebuilding both A pillars from the inside out, lower firewall and continued into the plenum above, after the repair was completed the plenum was sandblasted and painted before the outer vent panel was fitted.

The remaining repairs to the body included B pillars behind the door latch, fuel cap recess, trans tunnel, damage to the floor pans and filling in the sunroof, both doors had been repaired previously so we decided the sandblast and epoxy prime them back as a precaution, the fender both had minor repairs to lower corners. The panels were then fitted, aligned and gapped three bonnets were fitted before we found one that was repairable and fitted between the fenders nicely, after a month of body work the coupe was ready for the paint shop.

Pepper Red was the colour of choice with Suzuki colour for the gold stripes and bumpers, the under body was seam sealed stone guarded before laying down the red, after coming this far Warren decided to flow coat the car which really made the Pepper Red pop.

The Coupe went off to Fondies for the mechanical and electrical to be fitted then back to us for the final assembly, a complete new interior, new glass all round, new lights, screws, nuts and bolts everything was replaced, with a few teething problems along the way the Coupe was finally licensed in 2014 and ready for the road.

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